10 Dirty Blonde Ombre Hair to Transform Your Look with Radiance Amaze You

If you have been looking for classic ways to give your hairstyle a recent uplift, the dirty blonde ombre hair colour styles will make you achieve that effortlessly. There are various blonde ombre options you can try such as medium brown and strawberry blonde among others.

To make the locks look more refreshed, consider platinum or ashy blonde ends more so if you have a brown or warm skin tone. Go through these examples that will inspire your next look. Here are useful reference links you can also check.


  1. Long Golden Blonde Ombre

Dirty blonde ombre hair is one of the most common options in colouristic methods nowadays. This beautiful brown ombre blonde mimics the movement of rich honey blonde hues. It is styled into soft, bouncy curls very versatile for any event.

  1. Medium Length Blonde Ombre

This light blonde ombre gives a subtle ombre effect. The toned down ombre shades present an understated look to a medium hair while providing a fuller colour. The style also has some subtle wave to enhance the texture and thickness of the hair.


  1. Strawberry Blonde Ombre

In this style, there is stunning strawberry blonde hair hue that changes from light auburn to blonde. The hair is also side-parted, so it falls in a peek-a-boo design.

  1. Soft Waves Ombre

This ombre hairstyle comprises brown to blonde fade that is bold and captivating. The waves a well styled at the lower half of this length to give this heavenly look a beautiful finish.


  1. Brown Ombre Bob

In some cases, dirty blonde ombre hair doesn’t not as easy as you may think. For instance, this dark brown bob, the highlights of dark blonde are added at the ends. It is not a vintage ombre look but is modern, edgy version.

  1. Reddish Blonde Ombre

Red to ombre have become a typical choice for the ladies nowadays that it was in the past. Maybe it is because of the beautiful strawberry blonde hue it presents. The style is slightly straight with sleek waves at the tips.


  1. Dark Brown, Blonde, and Gray

If you want a modern blonde look, then this will suit you well. With the suitable degree of edginess, ash blonde, gray tones, and brunette work together to come up with an appealing ombre hairstyle.

  1. Long, Medium Blonde Ombre

If you are blessed with an extended hair, then the dirty blonde ombre hair is sure to turn heads for you. Things can become even more magical when you add some beach waves and layers.


  1. Wavy, Blunt Chopped Ombre Hair

This style involves merely a transition from brown to blonde. For more edgy look, put some blonde tints into your hair.

  1. Dark Brown, Red and Blonde Ombre

This beautiful shade concoction is for those ladies who can’t choose either between red to blonde or brown to blonde. It is a classic shade of perfection.